The vocation of“Educating”has been a constant motivation throughout the history of San Patricio School, based on six fundamental values:



COMMITMENT to families and students, demonstrated through integrity and rigour in all aspects. The maxim “what is good for the students is good for the School” clearly re_ects the value of the commitment. The Institution is therefore “committed to Education”.



SOLIDARITY, as an expression of help and service to those around us, is demonstrated through the creation and development of the San Patricio Foundation.



CONSTANCY, developed through instilling daily working habits, is summarised very well by the phrase often repeated by our teachers: “nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without effort”.



TRUST, asked for since the School’s origins with the phrase “Entrust your children to San Patricio”, has come to be inspired by the safety offered by an organisation which enjoys a good reputation in both educational and business _elds.



QUALITY in the organisation and selection of the teaching staff, is an additional result of the correct implementation of the best management systems, and gives the Institution the importance which it currently has.



The HUMANISM is, as its founders believed, the best way for a person to receive a comprehensive education, not to mention living in our centres with people of other religious denominations who share these same values.