About the International School


Welcome to one of the best schools in Spain

I’m pleased to introduce you to the International School San Patricio Toledo, a world-class school in Central Spain.

Our welcoming school provides education for day students aged 3 to 18 years, and schooling with residence from 14 to 18 years, allowing the latter to live and study in the same center. Here, students enjoy extensive facilities with maximum comfort, the latest in educational technology, varied sports areas and total security.

Whether joining ISSP Toledo from abroad or locally, students choose us for an outstanding IB education and personal development, helping them progress in their life and prepare for their future career in a multicultural and globalized world.


What’s different about us?

You may already know that we are part of the San Patricio Institution, a private establishment dedicated to excellence in education since 1958. For more than 10 years, San Patricio School has been recognised by specialist media as one of the best schools in Spain. The PISA exams taken by some of our students received grades in the different disciplines that placed them above the average of the most recognized countries in education worldwide.

Our educational centres are an engine of change in the Spanish education system and we have taught tens of thousands of young people since our inception. Our educational model has taken ideas from the most innovative pedagogical trends, to develop a unique, comprehensive and detailed educational project. To this day, we can proudly say that San Patricio is a reference for many other schools in Spain.


Finding ways to improve education

As part of our commitment to research ways to improve the education of our students, we created the San Patricio Foundation in 1999. The Foundation became a new space that combined educational innovation with social responsibility. Supported by our focus on implementing management systems based on continuous improvement, it has since made a substantial contribution to our goal of continuously improving our teaching model, which should have a direct influence on the development of our students' skills. Especially those which the Spanish curriculum does not give sufficient importance to, but are essential to our educational project, amongst which we would highlight emotional skills, multilingualism, artistic skills, and the health-related habits.


Four key goals for each student

  1. that they acquire a solid understanding of the Spanish education system’s specific contents. In this system, History, Geography or Literature are essential, and its other contents, which are much more extensive than in other systems, require a high level of performance from students so they can study at their chosen universities, both in Spain and abroad.
  2. that at the end of their schooling, they have attained a spoken and written command of the English language and solid knowledge of another foreign language (German or French). That they have chosen with full knowledge, due to their permanent contact with both from their pre-school stage.
  3. that they developed other more specific skills such as art, knowing how to work in a team, an efficient and responsible use of communication technologies, knowing how to express themselves adequately in public or how to enjoy regular physical activity or sports.
  4. finally, and most importantly, based on the universal values of the Gospel, they develop as individuals who are responsible for themselves, with whom they live and with the society they come to live in. That their personal relations skills, based on values such as loyalty, sincerity or respect, allow them to create an environment of friendships that will contribute to their happiness.

Communication, collaboration and trust

What you will also discover about us is that our school values close collaboration and mutual trust among the people with the responsibility for the students’ education (parents and teachers). Putting this mutual trust into practice, and maintaining a constant and sincere communication, is one of the keys to San Patricio’s success. And for me, being at the forefront of this extraordinary school is a priority.


Thank you very much for visiting us,

Simon Hatton-Burke





San Patricio is a private institution in Spain that has been dedicated to education since 1958; it has three centers in Madrid, one center in Toledo and a Foundation dedicated to research and cooperation.


Since its inception, San Patricio has focused on delivering a customised approach to education, with small class sizes and a focus on languages and culture.


Today, the private International School San Patricio Toledo - founded in 2006 and originally called Tagus School - offers three International Baccalaureate programs, from 3 to 18 years:


PYP (Primary Years Program)

MYP (Middle Years Program)

DP (Diploma Program)


The school is located in an exclusive residential area of Toledo, Spain. It covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with different spaces, where students develop different activities.




"Educate men and women with moral values, through an educational model that allows them to adapt personally and professionally to the society they live in” (Rev. 2016)




"To maintain the confidence of families and society, be an engine for change in the Spanish education system, and reach a broad international projection" (Rev. 2016)



Organization Chart




To discover, encourage and integrate the INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES of each student.
To favour the interest of the student through their own LEARNING and through WORK, in science, art, culture and all artistic expression as a privileged form of communication.
To achieve LANGUAGE learning through a multilingual project, as communication is one of the key features of our international private school.
To give the student a CHRISTIAN HUMANISM EDUCATION, assuming these values as an educational attitude.
To ensure INTEGRATION in society with a living, critical and sympathetic spirit.
To encourage psychomotor education, physical education and SPORT as fundamental aspects for psychological and physical balance.