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Virtual classroom

Online Learning at International School San Patricio

Students continue to benefit from our dynamic & comprehensive Virtual Learning. Our Virtual school ensures that all pupils make progress as if they were attending onsite classes. International School San Patricio already has an exceptional use of technology, so our virtual learning is an extension to this and our students access the online learning through the same digital platforms to which they are already accustomed for certain educational activities, allowing them a smooth adaptation to the new dynamics of online study.

Your Child’s Learning Does Not Need to Stop

Our virtual classrooms have proven to be extremely successful with both students and their families. Our online academic offer ensures a dynamic and comprehensive approach to learning that comprises of: 

  • Live online lessons to ensure our students’ academic success
  • The online lessons mirror their usual school day. Classes run from Monday through Friday, with the same hours and structure
  • Students follow a daily timetable, whilst engaging in a mix of different sessions including group discussions and daily exercise
  • A virtual curriculum offering clear expectations and ongoing dialogue
  • Provides direct, ongoing interaction with teachers and classmates to ensure high engagement, a sense of community and a structure to the new-style school day
  • Allows students to access virtual classes from the comfort of their own home
  • Continued adaptation and assessment to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence in education, no matter the environment

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I just wanted to message you to say how impressed I am with the manner in which the directors and teaching staff at San Patricio are dealing with the current impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.
My daughter advised me that from day 1 at San Patricio great emphasis was placed on online learning. It is only in situations such as this current one that it becomes so obviously apparent how important it is to have access to classes and online learning materials giving a sense of normality in these uncertain times.
Thank you all for your impressive handling of this situation.
Thank you for the excellent work you are doing in this strange situation for everyone.
With this online practice, you not only help students in the acquisition of academic content but also improve their well-being, keeping them in a routine with their peers and teachers which are so essential for their development.
I wanted to take this opportunity to restate our appreciation for the great work you are doing these days, the result of the work you have done previously and, of course, for knowing how to adapt so quickly to this new situation.
Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing keeping pace with the classes. My daughters are happy, motivated to study and accepting the strange current situation. Without a doubt, you are contributing academically and also to the well-being of the students. As a mother and as a psychologist, THANK YOU !!
We wanted to thank you for the effort that you and your teachers are putting in these days, as well as congratulate you on the results. We are delighted to see how our children continue to learn in a structured and intense way, without straying from what conventional classes would be.
I want to sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for the effort you are making to continue teaching in such tricky circumstances. We are proud to belong to San Patricio
Thank you very much for your contribution. My children have enjoyed seeing your faces and hearing that everything is going well; it has given them a sense of normality that I believe they needed now.
I want to congratulate the school for the great response to the current situation. For having the technological means and especially for the management carried out to make online classes possible.
My children are connected and enjoying the virtual classroom and are delighted with the experience. The kids are learning that there are other ways of doing things that we can adapt to change, and the importance of planning.
I want to congratulate you for the management that you have carried out these days to respond to this exceptional situation. It is very satisfying for parents to see that the school can adapt to such extraordinary circumstances, so quickly and so successfully.
It is very reassuring to know that we are in good hands finding how you have done previous planning and resource management. Congratulations on the result and thanks for the effort of the entire team!