Basic Principles

    The ground principles of our Education

  • • To aim for self-esteem in every student.
  • • To aim for coherence, helping them to be able to live what they say and what they think.
  • • To favor personal initiative, encouraging them to work out their own criteria and to develop their critical spirit.
  • • To maintain a responsible attitude in them, teaching them to assume the consequences of their actions, intentional or not.
  • • To value justice, so that they respect each person’s rights and they base human relationships on fairness and the common good.
  • • To develop each person’s solidarity, since in order to be completely fulfilled it is indispensable to know how to complement one another while living together with others.
  • • To encourage sincerity as an essential value for personal development.
  • • To favor friendship between students and to encourage it as that unbiased line of affection in which each person accepts others just the way they are.
  • • To encourage order as a sign of respect towards the goods we use.
  • • To favor the development of good habits and uphold the culture of effort as a base for learning.