Every educational project should be based on a series of values that should lay the foundations for the development of each person. At International School San Patricio Toledo this project is founded on the following values:


  • • Everyone has a right to education, which is indispensable in order to be able to develop a full life.
  • • A society’s development is determined by the educational level reached by its citizens.
  • • The family is the first and foremost responsible party for children’s education. Therefore, they must be free to choose the education they want for their children.
  • • Students must become the autonomous lead characters of their own learning.
  • • The school must provide the means and space necessary for the educational process to be carried out in the best possible conditions.
  • • The acceptance of the center’s norms by the entire school community – students, parents and teachers – makes it possible to achieve the proposed aims.

In like manner, we assume International Baccaulerate fundamental principles being authorized to provide the continuum of their PEP programs, PAI and Diploma.

IB world schools have a common philosophy which is based on the commitment to improve teaching and learning in a diverse, inclusive community by means of teaching high-quality international education programs that share a powerful vision. Educating youths that show solidarity, are well-informed and hungry for knowledge, able to contribute to creating a better, more peaceful world in the framework of mutual understanding and intercultural respect. In pursuit of this aim, the organization collaborates with school establishments, governments and international organizations to create and develop demanding international education programs and rigorous evaluation methods. These programs encourage students from all over the world to adopt an active learning attitude for their entire life, to be compassionate and to understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.