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Boarding School

Boarding School in Toledo 

International School San Patricio Toledo boarding school offers a complete educational experience for students between 14 and 18 years of age. We offer weekly boarding for students from 12 to 18 years old.

Both full-time and weekly borders will enjoy in our world-class residential facilities, in one of the safest areas in Spain. As well as an outstanding opportunity to live among students from around 15 other nationalities, this helps students to develop the communication and social skills essential for life and which form part of the educational objectives of the school model.

The residence is within the school grounds, which facilitates the use of the premises at all times without the need for transfers or departures from the campus. This ensures that students live in a fully-equipped campus with maximum security and control – and with access to a wealth of excellent sports and recreational facilities.

All the students of the Full Boarding will have organized a program of leisure and culture for the weekends throughout the school year


There is a supervised daily schedule in the evenings for students to study and do personal work.


To help students have greater autonomy when adapting to university life, we promote a series of  daily  habits and activities that develop and favour this necessary autonomy for their future.


There is a professional team for each student on an everyday bases for their academic and personal necessities: Boarding School Director, Academic Tutor, Boarding School Tutor, Counselling Dept, Course Coordinator, Boarding School Nurse and Boarding School Chef.

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