Flexi Fees


Flexi Fees during COVID19 school closures

Despite the COVID19 pandemic, International School San Patricio has remained Open for Learning, allowing students the opportunity to access our Virtual Classrooms.

However, we are aware that our youngest of learners need more support at home to get the best from our virtual learning offer and we understand that not all parents are able to provide that support, due to everything else that is happening at work, home or elsewhere.

For this reason and as part of our commitment to these families, we are offering families with students enrolled in Nursery 3 – 4year groups the opportunity to benefit from Flexible Fees, as part of our Pre-School Promise.

For students in these year groups, we offer families a choice of learning and fee options if our school is closed due to COVID19.

Option A

If families prefer that students in these year groups can continue with their un-interrupted schooling via our virtual learning platforms, then we offer a 50% discount on tuition fees.

Option B

If families prefer that students don’t have access to virtual learning, then we offer a 100% discount. Terms & Conditions apply please see below.

Prepared and Ready

We will continue to work with the local government regulations surrounding COVID19 and assure all families that for as long as the COVID19 school closures continue, we are committed to providing the best virtual learning solutions for our youngest members of the #SanPaFamily (and all year groups, come to that!).

If, however, you do not want your child to do virtual learning when we are unable to open or provide a space due to class size restrictions, we commit to you that you won’t have to pay for that period*. If you do want virtual learning during closures, then you will receive a 50% discount for your little ones.*that is our ‘Pre-School Promise’

  • An institution, offering educational excellence for over 60 years
  • Full IB continuum programme (3 to 18 years)
  • Boarding school and weekly boarding
  • Unrivalled and location, just 20 minutes by train from the center of Madrid
  • Personalised and multilingual education
  • Outstanding facilities in a modern 30,000 sq metre campus
  • ‘Sanpa Family’ with more than 6,000 alumni around the worldFull Terms & Conditions
  • The Pre-School Promise applies to children (3-4 years-old) who are not legally required to go to school in the
  • school location.

Full Terms & Conditions

  • The Pre-School Promise applies to children (3-4 years-old) who are not legally required to go to school in the school location.
  • A credit for the tuition fees for the period that the school is unable to open or provide space for an enrolled child will be applied to the following term’s fees. A credit of 50% of tuition fees will be applied if parents choose to continue through virtual learning. A credit of 100% of tuition fees will be applied if parents do not choose virtual learning. Applies to parents currently paying full tuition fees.
  • Prior to or at the beginning of the closure period, parents will be asked to select whether they want to continue with virtual learning during this period. This choice will remain throughout the entire closure period.
  • A credit will not be applied based on usage. If a parent chooses to continue learning through virtual learning, but do not use it, the 50% discount will still be applied throughout the closure period.
  • Parents will not get a credit if they choose not to send their child but the school is open and could accommodate their child.
  • Applies to COVID-19 closures between 1 September 2020 – 31 December 2020 only. We may extend this offer and it will be revisited at the end of each term.