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Colegio San Patricio present in the educational initiative "Aprendemos Juntos" published by El País

Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio

Under the suggestive title of "Let's learn together", the newspaper El País, with the sponsorship of BBVA, is publishing a magnificent series of educational videos in its digital edition. This initiative is based on presentations by leading national and international educators, in a very dynamic and attractive format. The sessions involve teachers, students and parents of students, who in addition to listening carefully intervene with interesting questions to the experts.

Colegio San Patricio has been invited to collaborate in many of the sessions and has an active participation in some of them. In addition to working with several of the speakers who are the protagonists of these communications, the school collaborates with the producers of this excellent educational initiative and is determined to incorporate these videos into its teacher training platform for its quality and high interest.

On January 22 began to publish in El País (#Aprendemosjuntos, a project in which a group of professionals in education and communication had been working for a long time hand in hand Víctor Blanco ([email protected]). Only a month after its first publication, they have been able to promote in society the conversation about the keys to education and are on the way to making the students' learning the main focus on their education, above the "pure and hard" study.

Counting on authentic teachers, who ignite the flame of discovery, this initiative is today a reference for teachers, mothers, fathers, students and educators in general, who every Tuesday and Thursday look for the inspiring stories they are able to create together with educational experts with a great communicative capacity.


Colegio San Patricio, first educational center to which its commitment to R + D + I is recognized

Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio


The San Patricio School is the first non-university education center regulated in Spain to which non-technological R + D + i projects are certified and it is recognized, for the first time in Spain, its commitment to R + D + I.

Two projects to improve the learning of their students; one on the application of emotional intelligence in school environments and another on multilingualism, have been the first to receive the approval of tax relief to San Patricio College for its investment in research, development and innovation.

This accreditation has been granted after a rigorous evaluation by qualified experts working for the ACIE certifier, accredited by the ENAC, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the certification of the R + D + i projects.

Project of Emotional Intelligence in School Environments (i3e)

This development and innovation project, which implements emotional intelligence in the educational process, has obtained its own seal by AENOR as official certification for other educational centers and confirms that "without emotion there is no learning".

Multilingualism Project

In this research and development project, studies by professionals in the field of neuroscience, endorse the positive influence of education in several languages from an early age.

From the San Patricio Foundation, research and innovation projects are initiated, which are subsequently developed in their own schools and in other educational centers throughout Spain that participate in many of their programs.

Sonsoles Castellano, president of the foundation, and at the same time director of educational policy of the San Patricio School, is the driving force, among others, of these two projects. In his words, "To the extent that we effectively manage the different stages of innovation projects (R + D + i) we can say that we innovate". These projects began in the 2011-2012 academic year with a solid foundation, with the participation of research experts from different universities, with a significant amount of material resources and people, and with the establishment of timely and reliable indicators with the to do the monitoring and evaluation of them. In addition, they are a good example of the fact that the implementation of technology is not the only way to innovate in education.

Once both projects have been certified, the school will be able to apply the tax deductions approved in the last quarter of 2017, as of its last closed year.

 The educational sector has been very active in recent years in applying innovative methodologies to improve student learning and in a decisive incorporation of technology in their educational processes. "There are many educational centers in Spain that are innovating and developing very interesting projects; however, in most cases, the important investments that involve time and resources, or are exclusively in technology (difficult to be recognized as innovation) or are not sufficiently substantiated and evaluated or is unknown how to recover part of this investment "Comments Gabriel Castellano, general director of the San Patricio Institution.

IV edition of the University Fair of Colegio San Patricio (AFFYC), organized by the International Baccalaureate students.

Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio
Centro de Arte San Patricio

On January 27, the fourth edition of the University Fair organized entirely by the International Baccalaureate students of the San Patricio School was held in the facilities of the El Soto center.

In this edition AFFYC (A Fair for Your Choice), has brought together some of the most prestigious universities both nationally and internationally, with the intention of advising families and students of the school, and society in general, to take the decision about the university career to choose after his studies of Baccalaureate.

The school develops an individual mentoring program since the 4th year of ESO, in which students are advised so that, from high school, they have a clear idea of the options of university career to follow. This program ensures that students, from an early age, have arguments to make the decision that will determine their professional projection.

A multitude of university training entities, including those with an international focus, were present at the event.

The list of attending universities that presented their academic projects and their offer of careers were:

University Carlos III of Madrid,

Rey Juan Carlos University,

Polytechnic University of Madrid,

University of Comillas,

IE University,

CEU San Pablo University,

University of Navarra,

European University,

Francisco de Vitoria University,

Nebrija University,

University College of Financial Studies (CUNEF),

Higher Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE),

Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB),

University Center Villanueva,

University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE),

U-Tad University Center for Technology and Digital Art,

University Center of Arts TAI,

University Studies Center CEDEU,

Les Roches - Global Hospitality Education,

Talent and Sport,

The College of International Studies (CIS),

International Education Consultants (IEC) and

VIA University College.

AFFYC also had a large number of presentations developed by parents of students and relevant people at a professional level, which has tried to show families and students, the different alternatives, depending on the career chosen.

The different presentations were:

• Ernesto Martínez: "Attributes and competences in a modern company"

• Carlos García Palancar: "Engineering: career and professional opportunities"

• María Díaz: "The (R) evolution of corporate communication: new challenges, new professions"

• San Patricio Art Center: information about the Bachelor of Arts

• David Puente: "The digitization of companies, key to university studies. The BBVA case

• Pablo González-Espejo: "Law and ADE: how to face the double degree and what professional options it offers"

• Sonsoles García Mateu: "Degrees in Biosciences and their professional opportunities"

• Javier Uruburu: "The labor market and selection processes"

• Fernando Bentué: "Professional areas within the framework of the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage"

The success of this university fair was reflected in the large number of people who came to the school to take an interest in the academic and professional future.

The University Fair of the Colegio San Patricio, after this fourth edition, is a great opportunity to analyze the different academic options for the future of the students.

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The San Patricio Foundation Mobilizes!

Centro de Arte San Patricio

Yes, we mobilized so that we finally have an Alcohol and Minors law at the national level, we mobilized so that the 6,000 cases of ethyl comas treated in 2017 in our country become a bad memory, we mobilized so that we never have to Attend a dramatic outcome due to alcohol consumption by children, we mobilize against the persistence of alcohol consumption by adolescents and the passivity of society in general.

We mobilize because we believe that, faced with certain problems, we must transcend the programs, embracing and designing strategies and above all because we believe in social and civil participation as a tool for change.

As members of the education sector, we accept our co-responsibility with regard to the consumption of alcohol by minors.

#AlcoholYMenores #AulaSalud