Digital Competence

The educative system of International School San Patricio Toledo is structured around the development of the Digital Competence.

Students are made aware of the progressive digitalization of the society from the earliest years of their formation, and learn to use the different educational resources the ICTs can offer them.

Without neglecting the objectives to reach at each age, and by ensuring an adequate competence development, the combination of traditional teaching methods with the new ones (a.k.a Digital Tools) allows the different personalities of the students to find a method that suits each of their particularities.

It’s not only about having material resources (computers, digital whiteboards, projectors, etc), but also to investigate and develop new ways of approaching children, to stimulate and reinforce the relationship between the student and the teacher in such a way that it is enriching for both.

The role of the Teacher has changed in this new society: instead of being a simple transmitter of knowledge, he must now be an expert guide in searching that knowledge. This results in the students achieving a much more profound level of autonomy and responsibility, thanks to the sharing of experiences between new teachers and students.

On this purpose, International School San Patricio Toledo relies on a platform of security and training that serves as a basis for this way of teaching.