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Mandarin Chinese Courses

Chinese is, after English, the second most demanded language to complete the formation of students. Students who study Mandarin Chinese stand out among the others and will very likely excel over other professionals in the future if they master this along English.

We all know the weight of Chinese trade and economy on international finance. Experts predict that their influence will continue to grow.

International School San Patricio Toledo has selected a company to carry out the extracurricular activity of Mandarin Chinese: ESSINO GLOBAL CHINESE SERVICE SL. This company has a select group of Chinese professors who are university graduates, have mastered Spanish and have teaching experience. They receive a monthly training according to Essino's educational approach.

The educational material they work with is directly imported from China. Their books are indeed edited by the Beijing Language and Culture University (the same University which conducts official exams) and are endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The books are adapted to each level: Child, Primary and Secondary. The Chinese courses use audiovisual material of Chinese Culture, Geography and History, cartoons and Chinese movies.

Essino prepares interested students to take the Chinese Profiency Test, HSK - the official Chinese degree -, and the YCT (Young Learners Chinese Test) - the official exam for children up to 15 years old.

Objectives for the first Mandarin Chinese course

  • • Understand and speak simple dialogues in Mandarin Chinese.
  • • Sing Chinese songs, and memorize some poems.
  • • Know the basic characters, their strokes and their sequence.
  • • Know the Chinese culture.

Class Content

  • • PinYin (phonetic transcription)
  • • Writing.
  • • Grammar.
  • • Chinese culture.
  • • Typical games from China.

The educational plan of Essino

It has been elaborated with the utmost care, setting high learning goals and strives because the classes are fun and dynamic.

They work to motivate students through a learning approach which consists in playing and teaching the Mandarin Chinese language in a natural (ie: practical and graphical) way.

In the classes, children will: play, draw, interact, learn traditional Asian culture, culinary customs, poems, songs, Chinese games, etc.


The examination will take place every quarter under the supervision of a professor. The exam will consist of a writing and oral audition (depending on ages) and the results will be included in a report sent to the parents along with the observations of the student's evolution.


From 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m, and from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Start in November.


1 hour per week: 40 euros/month. Friday.
2 hours a week: 60 euros/month. Monday and Wednesday.
Aimed at students from 3 years to adults.
Students outside the school (both children and adults) are admitted.
To carry out the activity you need a minimum of students per group.