Foreign Languages

International School San Patricio Toledo defines objectives in relation to foreign languages for its students, that are:

  • • Make students discover the value of speaking different languages and the personal enrichment provided by communication.
  • • Promote the learning of foreign languages through oral communication and their constant practical use.
  • • Make students realize the importance of expressing themselves in different languages in order to give them an open mind.
  • • Prepare the student to face experiences abroad, both at educational and professional level.


Dentro de su currículo para todos los alumnos, desde educación infantil, estos conviven con la lengua inglesa de forma natural. Thanks to an important number of native English speaking teachers, the student lives half of his day in English. Thus, when he reaches the end of Primary Education, he speaks and understands the English language at a very high level.

The learning of languages is essential to the cognitive development. This is the reason why our school teach, in addition to English, German and French from the age of 3.

The school also offers the opportunity – as an extracurricular and voluntary activity – to initiate children aged from 3 years old to the Chinese language. People (children and adults) can register for this activity even if they don’t belong to our school.