Reasons why Physical Education and Sports are essential

To promote psychomotricity, physical education and sports, as a fundamental basis for physical and mental balance.

  • • Get students to value their body, take care of it and respect it as an indispensable means to have a good quality of life.
  • • Encourage team sports so as students incorporate them into their lives as a leisure alternative.
  • • Assume the responsibility of belonging to a team, with the development of the social skills involved.
  • • Understand competition as a game, and as a means of self-improvement.
  • • Introduce personal effort as a source of satisfaction.

All the students of the school in infant and Primary education, have a daily module of “Psychomotricidad” or Physical Education, according to their age. One of these modules a week, is done in the pool.

In Secondary Education, they have 4 weekly modules of Physical Education.