33 El Musical, sponsored by San Patricio, closes its doors

Jul 26, 2020 | News

Last Sunday, February 9, the doors of 33 El Musical, sponsored by Colegio San Patricio, closed their second season in what was a magical night.

This impressive staging, which has brought together a large part of the best professionals in the sector, has welcomed more than 200,000 people who have had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful musical.

After more than 300 functions, we have to congratulate the entire team, the superb cast led by the extraordinary mastery and talent of Christian Escuredo performing the role of Jesus, and of course, its creator Toño Casado, as well as its producers Nacho Alonso (an alumni of Colegio San Patricio) and Felipe García – Quirós, who we want to particularly thank for letting us participate in such a magnificent project.

The close relationship between San Patricio and 33 El Musical has been especially significant for us in two different ways: due to its high artistic level and the obvious link between its main theme and our values and ideals.

With a sold-out theatre, in its most special representation, the emotions lived were many and very strong. All those present (artists, team, producers … and of course the audience) enjoyed what we are sure and hopeful will not be the last performance.

From Colegio San Patricio we want to congratulate everyone who has been part of such an incredible project.