Students from International School San Patricio Toledo present in the IV Pre University Debate League 2020

Jul 25, 2020 | News

The IV Pre University Debate League 2020 which was held on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of January in Madrid. Students from the Boarding School and Day School at International School San Patricio Toledo had a wonderful experience participating in this International event.

The Debate League is a dialectical confrontation by teams, with successive interventions by each speaker (similar to a parliamentary debate), in which each team defends a position (by lottery) on a controversial and topical issues.

Objectives of the Debate League:

  • Promote social skills such as public speaking among students in our province.
  • Promote the establishment of dialogue as an intellectual and work tool.
  • Promote the acquisition of transversal competencies such as public speaking, argumentation and the search for rigorous information.

The Pre-University Debate League UCJC is the largest competition in Europe in terms of participation and the only one that takes place simultaneously in Spanish and English. It is made up of three tournaments, two qualifiers and the final, in which they compete to be the champion team of debate in Spanish, the winning group of debate in English, as well as the best speaker and speaker of the season, all of them at the level pre-university.

Currently, 30 schools have enrolled in the IV Debate League UCJC, so a participation of around 300 students per tournament is expected. Each team, composed of students from 4th ESO to 2nd Baccalaureate, will present their arguments in Spanish or English on the questions chosen; just one minute before starting to debate they will know if they will do it for or against. Although it will be a long day, this great experience and opportunity over the two days will be very enriching for them.